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Enhancing security through a trust-based approach - advanced threats require advanced weapons

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Cyberthreats are becoming ever more insidious and affect organisations of all sizes, spanning all industries. In many cases, the organisation will not know that it has been a victim of an attack as today’s threats aim to evade traditional, reactive security controls and gain a foothold in the organisation’s network in order to remain undetected so that data can be harvested on an ongoing basis.

What organisations need to do is to take a more proactive stance on security, instead of trying to play catch up with well-resourced criminals that are constantly evolving their attacks to get around reactive defences that aim to defend against known malicious exploits. Rather, they should look to focus on only allowing what is good to execute on their networks to create an atmosphere of trust.

This document is aimed at executives and IT decision makers in organisations of any size or industry, whether they are looking to build a trust-based environment themselves or are looking to rely on managed services from service providers. It aims to show why application control, whitelisting and threat management should be considered to be an essential component of any defence-in-depth security strategy.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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