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Data Integration 2 - Data Federation and EII

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Classification: Research Report

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Data Integration is at the heart of all IT installations. Whenever you implement a new application you need to load data into the application’s database, whenever you replace one application with another, you need to migrate the data from one to the other; wherever you have queries that access multiple data sources; wherever you have a business intelligence requirement ? in all of these environments, and more, you need data integration technology to support the environment. However, sometimes you need to move the data and sometimes you don’t. As a result, this report is split into two volumes, covering each of these aspects of data integration.

This Volume (2):There is an increasing recognition that you often want to be able to access data from various sources, without having to move that data to a central location.

For purely query capabilities this market is usually referred to as EII (enterprise information integration). However, it is frequently the case that products also provide update capabilities as well, for which we prefer the term data federation. However, we have not made this a pre-requisite for inclusion in this report which therefore covers both data federation and EII.

The data federation market is currently immature and there are an eclectic range of products that provide relevant capability, often using very different approaches. Ten or more of these offerings are evaluated and compared in this volume.

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