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Data Integration 1 - Data Movement

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Classification: Research Report

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Data Integration is at the heart of all IT installations. Whenever you implement a new application you need to load data into the application’s database, whenever you replace one application with another, you need to migrate the data from one to the other; wherever you have queries that access multiple data sources; wherever you have a business intelligence requirement ? in all of these environments, and more, you need data integration technology to support the environment. However, sometimes you need to move the data and sometimes you don’t. As a result, this report is split into two volumes, covering each of these aspects of data integration.

This Volume (1): A few years ago the market for data movement was more or less limited to ETL (extract, transform and load) tools, used to populate data warehouses. This resulted in the market becoming dominated by Ascential and Informatica and, at the top end, by Ab Initio.

However, the market for data movement is now much broader than merely ETL and almost every other vendor in the market has specialist facilities that exceed those of the major players in one way or another, making them more suitable for particular environments.

Further, much more attractively priced products are provided by many of these suppliers, making them suitable for use in the mid-market and for departmental solutions. This volume compares and contrasts the data integration products provided by more than a dozen vendors. It also discusses the ETL capabilities provided by the leading database vendors.

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