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CSI Tools - Access Governance for Identities in SAP Environments

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An essential part of the overall identity and access management process is access governance, which ensures that users have the entitlements that they need to do their jobs, but not entitlements that are not needed for their role.

CSI Tools provides a suite of audit and control products for automating and optimising access governance processes in SAP environments. The different approach taken by CSI Tools compared to those natively available in SAP applications greatly simplifies management and audit of access rights by first looking at who is authorised to do what, and then focusing on who has access to the vast array of transaction codes – rather than vice versa, which is the stance most commonly taken when trying to control access governance within SAP.

This allows organisations to quickly ascertain vulnerabilities within access rights granted according to roles, to automatically remediate problems and to close security gaps caused by excessive or inappropriate access rights that have been granted.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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