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Courion’s Enterprise Provisioning Suite - In Detail

Cover for Courion’s Enterprise Provisioning Suite

Classification: Product Evaluation

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This paper derives from a Bloor Research Bullseye Report on Identity Management.
The report includes an exhaustive survey, conducted by Bloor Research, into
the security market and, in this case, specifically with respect to Identity and Access
Management (IAM) solutions. Suites of this type address the needs of organisations
to improve the efficiency of their operations as well as achieving compliance goals.

The survey scores companies and products under various headings. On the product
side these headings include fitness for purpose, architecture, support and value for
money; while on the company side both stability/risk and ease of implementation
are determining factors. The scores allocated to Courion in each of these categories
are discussed in the sections that follow and all scores quoted are out of 5.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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