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This paper has been superseded by Compuware Uniface v9.6 (May, 2013)

Compuware Uniface 9.3

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Compuware used to describe Uniface as a unified development environment and, more recently, has taken to calling it an application platform suite. Whatever you call it, Uniface is designed to support the “rapid creation, renewal, integration and deployment of enterprise applications”.

Most recently, Compuware has started to refer to Uniface in the context of Uniface 2.0 in the sense that it supports the various 2.0 initiatives (Web 2.0, Process 2.0 and so on) that are proliferating around the IT world. Specifically, this means support for multi-channel deployment (including a wide range of mobile devices), support for mashups, support for SOA, support for business process orchestration, and so on. In fact, the addition of such functionality has been a trend within the development of Uniface over the last few releases: it has, if you like, been “walking the walk” and only now that it has proved that it can do it is it starting to “talk the talk”, which is a pleasant turn-around from the marketing in some other companies.

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