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Viamedici is a master data management vendor founded in 1999 and headquartered in Ettlingen in Baden-Wurttemburg in Germany. The company has two hundred staff and around 400 customers, with the majority in Europe but with an increasing presence in the USA and Asia Pacific. They have two offices in the USA and several offices in Europe, and a development facility in Romania. They have an unusually high 99.3% software retention rate among their customers. They originally specialised in the manufacturing industry, but also have a substantial client base in retail and consumer packaged goods, as well as pharmaceuticals and biotech. Customers include Bosch, Kyocera, Emerson and Dehner.


Company Info

Headquarters: 8 The Green, STE 300, Dover, Delaware 19901, USA
Telephone: +1 (502) 412-7797


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Viamedici is a master data management vendor with a high profile in the manufacturing industry in particular.
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