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Ververica (formerly data Artisans) was founded in 2014 by the developers of Apache Flink, in order to commercialise it. Flink itself was not initially created by a WebTech company, but was developed from research at universities in Berlin and Potsdam. Unsurprisingly, a majority of the contributions to Apache Flink are made by Ververica.

Ververica is owned by Alibaba, the massively successful multinational Chinese eCommerce retailer and technology vendor, following its acquisition in 2019. Alibaba itself uses Flink (backed by Ververica) internally – handily demonstrating its scalability – and even has its own in-house version (‘Blink’) whose features and improvements are slowly being backported to the main branch.


Company Info

Headquarters: Invalidenstraße 115, Berlin, 10115, Germany



STREAM PROCESSING Market Update 2022 (cover thumbnail)

Stream Processing

This report describes and evaluates the Stream Processing space and the market trends and vendor solutions within it.
VERVERICA InBrief Stream Processing (cover thumbnail)


Ververica provides commercial support for Apache Flink and extends it via the Ververica Platform.
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