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TimeXtender is a privately-owned technology vendor that prides itself on providing its customers with instant access to their data. The company has over 2700 customers across more than 95 countries, and its flagship product – Discovery Hub – is sold entirely through its partners, of which it has over 170. It has headquarters in Denmark and the USA, as well as several other offices across Europe and Australasia.

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Company Info

Headquarters: Bredskifte Allé 13, DK-8210 Aarhus V, Denmark
Telephone: +45 8620 5700


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Data Warehouse Automation

This Market Update covers best-of-breed products for data warehouse automation (DWA) and data lake automation (DLA).
Cover for TimeXtender Discovery Hub

TimeXtender Discovery Hub

This paper discusses TimeXtender Discovery Hub, an automated, centralised data management platform for Microsoft environments.
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