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SynerScope was founded as a spin-off from research conducted at Eindhoven University and it offers two products: Ixiwa and Iximeer, where the former is used to assist in the creation of data catalogues and data lake management, and the latter is an analytics tool that works in conjunction with Ixiwa.

The company is headquartered in the Netherlands but also has an office in California. It has various technical partnerships, most notably with Amazon, Microsoft (Azure) and Google for cloud services and with HortonWorks, IBM and Nvidia. The last two of these are particularly significant. In the case of IBM because its products can run on Power platforms as well as x86 (Dell is also partner) and because they can leverage Nvidia GPUs (which are built into the IBM Power AI platform) to accelerate performance. The relevance of this is that SynerScope’s view is that in large data lakes there is a potential scalability issue, especially (but not only) when you are doing complex things like image processing, so you need the extra performance and scalability that a platform like Power AI can provide.

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Headquarters: Kastanjelaan 14, 5268 CA Helvoirt, The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 (0)6 2364 4933


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Synerscope Ixiwa

Ixiwa might best be described as a data lake management product that covers everything from automated ingestion, through discovery and cataloguing to data preparation.
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