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Symantec is a large multinational software vendor with operations in  more than 50 countries that is focused on security. Previously it was also known for its systems management and storage capabilities, but those parts of the business were divested in January 2016.

It is a public company that is traded on Nasdaq and is a Fortune 500 company. It achieved revenues of US$6.5 billion in fiscal 2015, 52% of which was in consumer security revenue and 14% in enterprise security revenue. In that year, the rest of the revenue was accounted for by its information management business, which has now been divested.

Symantec was founded in 1982. The majority of  Symantec’s capabilities were acquired through acquisition, starting with Norton for antivirus capabilities, and including Sygate, Altiris, Vontu, MessageLabs, PGP, Guardian Edge and Verisign in terms of security.

Within the security market, Symantec offers endpoint security, email security, data loss prevention, security analytics and website security. Newer competencies include cloud, advanced threat protection, information protection and cyber security services. It sells its products to enterprise and government sector organisations, small businesses and consumers.

Symantec runs a global threat intelligence network that collects information from hundreds of millions of endpoints worldwide. It maintains nine global threat centres globally.

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Headquarters: Mountain View, USA
Telephone: +1 650 527 8000

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