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At the time of writing Statistica is a part of Dell Software. However, Dell announced in June 2016 an agreement for Dell Software an agreement for some parts of the Dell Software portfolio (specifically, excluding Dell Boomi) to be purchased by private equity firm Francisco Partners and hedge fund manager Elliott Management. Statistica, which was itself acquired by Dell in 2014, forms a part of this acquisition. It is expected that Statistica will operate as an independent division within the new organisation.

Statistica was original developed and marketed by StatSoft, a company that was founded in Oklahoma in 1984, by a group of university professors and scientists. As its name suggests the company was founded to support statistical analyses and it has since expanded into data mining, text mining, predictive analytics and related technologies. The company’s headquarters remain in Oklahoma (Tulsa) and it also has offices in various locations across Europe and in Australia and Taiwan.

Acquired by TIBCO Software Inc. in 2017.

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Headquarters: 2300 East 14th Street Tulsa, OK 74104
Telephone: (918) 749-1119

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