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Sparkling Logic

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Sparkling Logic is a privately-held company that was founded in 2010. The company at present has 2 products in its portfolio:

  • SMARTS Decision Manager: This incorporates Predictive Analytics, Data Analytics, Decision Management and Decision Analytics. It is offered as a cloud-based, social and collaborative product. It includes BluePen Analytics that induces business rules from raw data. In terms of rules authoring, RedPen provides the ability to look at how rules have been used in practice. Changes to rules can be tested through simulation using real data;
  • PENCIL Decision Modeler: It provides business analysts with the ability to create decision models using the standard Decision Model and Notation graphical representation and business rules using the standard Decision Table graphical representation.

Sparkling Logic is used by finance and healthcare organisations that require speed and quality in discovering, testing, optimizing and executing high-value decisions, such as risk management, compliance and personalisation. The product is also being used to optimize the management of devices and distribution. Two examples on the company’s website are:

  • a  battery provider using SMARTS to optimize the management of batteries and chargers in industrial and commercial operations;
  • a  power distribution corporation using SMARTS to optimize the preventive maintenance of equipment and the configuration of related services.

Half of the company’s business is outside the US with customers in Australia, Europe and Asia.

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