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Founded in 2008, Resolve has more than a decade of automation experience. Resolve aims to advance the automation of IT, network and service desk processes, as well as incident management and remediation. In large-scale, complex, hybrid and multi-cloud IT infrastructure environments. The Resolve platform provides full-stack correlation across IT domains that increases the effectiveness of operations teams, accelerates incident resolution, and streamlines service delivery. The platform has hundreds of out-of-the-box integrations with IT, network and security solutions. Additional integrations can be facilitated via REST API, SNMP, SMTP, SOAP, SSH, TCP, or other common protocols. The Resolve platform is highly scalable and performant and handles more than 30 million automations every day for its enterprise customers.

In 2017, Resolve was acquired by Insight Partners, a leading global private equity and venture capital firm focused on high growth technology and software scaleup companies. Amongst other things, this enabled Resolve’s acquisition in 2019 of FixStream, a leading AIOps vendor. FixStream’s discovery and dependency mapping, multi-layer visibility and predictive analytics combined with Resolve’s cross-domain, service-level automation capabilities provide IT operations with the ability to automatically predict, prevent, and fix issues autonomously. This positions the company well to be able to deliver a closed loop system of discovery, analysis, detection and prediction for greater assurance of critical business systems performance.

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Headquarters: 300 Orchard City Drive, Suite 110, Campbell, CA 95008
Telephone: +1 949 325 0120


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      Monitoring and managing the performance of complex hybrid IT infrastructure environments

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