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Redscan was founded in the UK in 2002 as a security consulting firm. It now specialises in Managed Detection and Response and security assessment services such as penetration testing and red teaming.

Redscan is a pure-play MDR vendor that uses its own technology to integrate a wide collection of toolsets to provide a single pane of glass view into vast amounts of telemetry data. Research and continuous development are of primary importance to Redscan.

A key strength is its offensive security mentality, which runs throughout the organisation, enabling its customers to harden their security posture. It has its own threat intelligence team and is constantly evaluating new attack scenarios and vectors to find new methods of detection and response, which it rolls into its services. Its penetration testing services provide detailed reporting and practical feedback to its customers, combined with the strength of its ethical hacking red team operations.

Redscan was acquired by Kroll in March 2021, in order to expand its managed detection and response services.

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Headquarters: 2 Throgmorton Avenue, London, UK, EC2N 2DL
Telephone: +44 (0)203 972 2500


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