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Otoma is a software company that provides intelligent test design automation. It is based in Tel Aviv and was established in 2017 by Reuven Ben Menachem and Zack Yaniv, the team that founded and built Fundtech (NASDAQ: FNDT) from a startup to the global leader in Transaction Banking, sold to D+H for $1.25B.

Otoma operates primarily within the finance and telco spaces. In addition to direct sales, its technology is provided through a network of partners that frequently also use it as part of their own testing efforts.

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Headquarters: 144 Derech Menachem Begin, Tel Aviv 6492102, Israel
Telephone: +972 526 116 504


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Otoma Intelligent Test Design

Otoma Intelligent Test Design is an AI-driven, model-based, end-to-end requirements management, test design, and test automation platform.
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