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McObject was founded in 2001 with headquarters in the United States and offices in Germany and China. There is also a major partner based in London, which has exclusive rights as a European distributor for eXtremeDB in high performance computing environments. This is in contrast to the German office, from which sales of eXtremeDB in device, edge and gateway devices are co-ordinated across Europe.

The company claims to have more than 30 million deployments of eXtremeDB in IoT devices spanning multiple verticals, including aerospace, telecommunications, industrial automation, the automobile sector and consumer electronics. Clients include GoPro, Boeing, Motorola, DirecTV, Audi, BAE, British Telecom and many others. The company also has a significant presence in financial services (capital markets) where it holds a number of records in the STAC (Securities Technology Analysis Center) M3 benchmarks, which have been designed to test time-series (stock tick) database capabilities. The company does not target the DevOps metrics and monitoring space that some other time-series database vendors focus on.

While eXtremeDB is primarily an embedded database it is also available in the cloud and it runs on all leading hardware platforms, including IBM Power series. There is a Financial Edition, recently rebranded as eXtremeDB for High Performance Computing, available for that vertical and, more generally, a free trial version is available for download. McObject also markets the Perst open source embedded object-oriented database management system.


Company Info

Headquarters: 33309 1st Way South, Suite A-208, Federal Way, Washington 98003
Telephone: 425 888 8505


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Time-Series and Temporal databases and analytics

Time-series databases represent the fastest growing database sector over the last two years.
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McObject eXtremeDB

McObject eXtremeDB is an embedded (less than 200 KB footprint) hybrid in-memory and persistent database designed specifically to support time-series data.
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