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IOTech was founded in 2017 in Newcastle upon Tyne in the United Kingdom. Its vision is to develop software products that aim to make industrial data easily accessible, actionable and manageable for delivering solutions at the edge. One of its first acts was joining the Linux Foundation’s EdgeX Foundry™ open-source project as a founding member.

In August 2023 IOTech announced its expansion in the North American market, fuelled by an undisclosed amount of additional investment led by Dell Technologies Capital. The investment will support go-to-market in the region and accelerate strategic product development of its open edge data platform. To help further drive growth in the U.S., IOTech has also appointed industrial IoT (IIoT) veteran David C. King to its board of directors.

Its recent announcement on the availability of the Edge Central data platform, is a development and extension of its original Edge Xrt and Edge Xpert products, which in turn were commercial versions of the original EdgeX Foundry open-source platform. The new platform allows the customer to abstract any underlying equipment making hardware replacement far easier, more cost effective and enables much greater vendor choice for the customer.

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Headquarters: The Catalyst, 3 Science Square, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 5TG


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