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InterSystems Corporation is a privately owned company that was founded in the USA in 1978 and it opened its first office in the UK in 1986.  While the company does not make its figures generally available, it is around a half billion dollar company in terms of revenues.. Apart from North America it has offices throughout Europe (including Russia and Israel), across both South America and South East Asia, and in Australia, South Africa and the Gulf in a total of 33 countries. It also has distributors around the globe, with InterSystems Caché installations in more than 90 countries in all.

Historically the company has largely relied on VARs and ISVs for its sales, with a relatively small direct sales force. While the company’s partner base remains a major strength (it now has over 1,300 partners) InterSystems has also expanded its direct sales force to deal with the large corporations that demand a direct relationship and because of the company’s healthcare applications. In recent years this has also placed an increased focus on working with large systems integrators and other service and technology partnerships.

GlobalsDB is the name of the core engine within InterSystems Caché and it has been set up as a quasi-independent organisation to market GlobalsDB as a free multi-model database that can be deployed in a variety of NoSQL architectures.


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