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ForgeRock is a startup identity and access management vendor focused on enterprise, cloud, social and mobile identity services that is built on and offers very wide support for open standards.

Started by former Sun employees, it offers an integrated suite of services that is based on the Sun stack, making the technology relatively mature for a startup. It has only recently received its first round of venture capital funding, but will likely attract more soon and benefits from a widespread community.

It touts itself as a replacement for Sun customers facing end of life for their implementations from Oracle, as well as for extending other investments to newer technology delivery mechanisms. It published a very aggressive development roadmap, currently to 2015, and guarantees new releases every six months. Originally from Norway, it now has two offices in the US as well as Europe and is expanding further internationally and has more international customers than North American, including many sizeable organisations. Whilst many are using basic, downloadable services, larger implementations will benefit from the services of its integration, consulting and training partners to make projects a success. 

ForgeRock received US$15 miilion in Series B funding in April 2013, having received US$7 million in Series A funding in 2012. 


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