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ExtraHop was founded in 2007. It has its headquarters in Seattle in the US, with further offices in London, Germany, France, Australia, Singapore and Japan.

It started out as a provider of network analysis and visibility, and network monitoring tools. However, it pivoted to being a provider of security tools in 2018, having realised that its customers were increasingly using its products for their security needs. It now offers its Reveal(x) platform, which at its core provides network detection and response (NDR) tools. Already well known in the NDR space, it has been adding a range of complementary tools to the platform to increase network visibility further.

Selling primarily to large enterprises, although it has a wide range of customers of various sizes, ExtraHop has seen high levels of revenue growth recently and has now the second highest market share in the NDR space. It continues to show high levels of innovation.

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Company Info

Headquarters: 520 Pike St, Suite 1600, Seattle, WA 98101, United States
Telephone: +1 877 333 9872


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