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EnterpriseWeb is both the name of a company and its flagship product, a platform for Cloud-native applications. The Company was formed in 2009 with the intention of addressing the challenges of building web-scale, enterprise-class applications.

It was an ambitious mission for a boot-strapped start-up. Early on, many encouraged the company to focus on a niche rather than try to boil the ocean. However, the founding partners of the company felt that this advice represented exactly the sort of narrow, tactical thinking that had led to the existing static and siloed architectures in the first place.

The Company initially targeted the R&D domain with a suite of applications for research management and compliance. While a niche business, it provided an edge use-case for long-running, collaborative, highly-regulated projects that crossed silos, partners and administrative systems.

The Company has subsequently made a name for itself in Telecom, Cloud and IoT domains, where there is increasing pressure for real-time connected value-chains. The Company, with a small team of partners, has a channel strategy and has been building a network of global partners including some leading consultancies, system integrators and domain experts.

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