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Confluent was founded in 2014 to provide commercial support, and an enterprise distribution, for Apache Kafka. Its stated mission is to help you “set your data in motion”, and it does this through a real time event streaming platform that can in turn beget enhanced connectivity for your data and enhanced reactivity based on it.

Confluent is a publicly-traded company on the NASDAQ exchange, and has offices in Mountain View (US headquarters), London (EMEA headquarters), Singapore (APAC headquarters) and various other places. It was established by the original developers of Kafka, and the company remains one of the leading contributors to the Kafka project. It also has a wide range of partners, including technology partners, systems integrators and training partners.


Company Info

Headquarters: 899 W Evelyn Ave. Mountain View, CA 94041 USA
Telephone: (800) 439 3207



STREAM PROCESSING Market Update 2022 (cover thumbnail)

Stream Processing

This report describes and evaluates the Stream Processing space and the market trends and vendor solutions within it.
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Confluent develops two enterprise-grade offerings that prominently include, and build upon, Apache Kafka: Confluent Cloud, and Confluent Platform.
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