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Camouflage Software

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Camouflage Software originated as a part of a Canadian consulting firm and systems integrator founded in 1997 that specialised in PeopleSoft (Oracle) environments.  In 2003 the consulting firm undertook a contract with The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Canada’s national police force) that included a requirement to prevent unauthorised access to sensitive information. As there were no data masking tools available in the market at that time, it developed its own set of capabilities, which were released as a stand-alone product in 2004. Realising the product’s potential (as far as we know it was the first data masking product to be made available anywhere, hence the company’s web site address Camouflage Software was spun off in 2007 as an independent company to develop and market this data masking solution.

The company is private, self-funded and relatively small (thirty employees). It focuses its efforts primarily on North America while leveraging partnerships in other geographies such as Latin America and Europe.

While data masking is the company’s primary line of business, Camouflage Software also offers database subsetting as well as tools that are complementary to data masking, like sensitive data discovery and analysis and templates that accelerate data masking in various generic and domain-specific environments.

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Headquarters: St John's, Canada
Approx size: 30 people
Telephone: 1-866-345-8888

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