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Cambridge Intelligence

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Cambridge Intelligence was founded in 2011 in Cambridge (UK) and it has offices in Boston (USA). It is self-funding and profitable and has more than 200 clients, including the World Bank, Microsoft, Cisco, Visa, and many other household names, primarily (but not exclusively) in the anti-fraud, cyber security, and security and intelligence spaces. The company currently has 35 employees and is experiencing 80% growth. It has users across all continents though primarily in Europe and the United States. It has a significant presence in Israel. Mostly, the company’s go-to-market is via direct sales, though it has a distributor in Italy, consulting partners in the USA, and it works with various systems integrators. It is also worth mentioning the Connected Data Consortium, which consists organisations (including HM Government, BAE Systems and the Financial Conduct Authority) that are interested in the future of connected data visualisations. The consortium is coordinated by Cambridge Intelligence (though you do not have to be a KeyLines user to join) and it acts as a forum for graph visualisation users to meet and share best practice. It effectively acts as an advisory council for new features to be included in KeyLines.

There is a free trial version of KeyLines available, as well as Starter (with reduced functionality) and Enterprise Editions. Proof-of-concepts are available. Most users take out a subscription-based license, but perpetual licenses are possible.

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Company Info

Headquarters: 6-8 Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 1JP
Telephone: +44 (0)1223 362000


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Cambridge Intelligence Keylines InBrief

KeyLines is a graph visualisation product that allows you to examine relationships between entities and/or events.
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