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Blazegraph is a privately owned company, which was previously known as SYSTAP, LLC. It is based in Washington, DC and first started developing its graph database – now known as Blazegraph Database – in 2006, which was inspired by Google’s Big Table architecture. The company is privately funded and has received research and development funding from DARPA to develop its GPU (graphical processing unit) technologies in conjunction with researchers at the University of Utah. Originally, Blazegraph Database was called BigData, which was inspired by its application of Google’s Big Table for graphs. As readers will be aware, big data as a concept has taken on a life of its own since then, and in 2014 the company decided to change the name of its product, since – through no fault of its own – it was confusing. Readers may also see mention of MapGraph, which was the provisional name for Blazegraph GPU before this was officially announced. Note that while Blazegraph Database is open source (GPL license) the GPU extension is proprietary. Starting in the 2.0 release, Blazegraph introduced enterprise features for high availability and scalability, which are only available via commercial license.

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Headquarters: 1875 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009
Telephone: 571.367.5000


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