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AlienVault is a provider of a unified security management platform that is based on SIEM and log management technology, with additional capabilities of asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, behavioural monitoring, threat identification and management, and security intelligence. Its threat intelligence capabilities are boosted by its Open Threat Exchange, with information sourced from 8,000 contributing members in more than 140 countries. Updates are provided for threat information every 30 minutes. AlienVault Labs Threat Intelligence services provide weekly updates to rule sets. The security management platform is aimed primarily at mid-market organisations. It claims to have more than 1,500 commercial customers.

AlienVault is headquartered in California and it has a sales and support centre in Cork, Ireland. It is a privately held company. Although it does not report revenues, AlienVault recently disclosed record revenue growth of 65% for 2014. It has received four rounds of venture capital funding, the last of which was in the fourth quarter of 2013 for US$30 million.

The technology is provided as an appliance that can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud through Amazon web services or through an MSSP. AlienVault currently has 35 MSSP partners.

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