Open Rules Inc release new version of their open source rules engine

Written By: Simon Holloway
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OpenRules Inc. announced on December 10th the release of a new version (6.2.6) of their open source rules engine – OpenRules. This new version included the following new features:

  • Generating Excel Workbooks with OpenRules Decision Tables – done through generating xls files with multiple decision tables programmatically by providing a Java API. Multiple decision tables can be added to a preliminary created instance of the DecisionBook class. Each new decision table is placed in a new worksheet of the same workbook.
  • Invocation of Sub-Decisions and Decision Tables by Name – this is  essentially a simplification of the way innovation of OpenRules® sub-decisions and decision tables from decisions is done. It also makes OpenRules more compliant with the newly introduced DMN standard. 
  • Initial DMN Implementation – OMG released the beta version of the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) Specification 1.0 publicly in September 2013. OpenRules includes the first implementation of the DMN 1.0 Primer based on the Loan Origination example described in the Section 10 of the Specification.

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