Charting the vendor landscape for web and email security

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Today’s threat landscape is complex. Hackers no longer lust for fame, rather looking for ways to make their fortune. Simple exploits, such as a malicious email sent en masse, are no longer effective. This means that they have turned their hands to more sophisticated attacks, often highly targeted at individuals or organisations, and in many cases combining vectors of attack in an attempt to make their payloads more successful. For example, an individual may be sent a highly personalised email urging them to click on a link that looks genuine, but that will lead them to a bogus site riddled with malware that is often designed to steal personal or sensitive information. 

To protect our computing devices and networks from these complex threats requires a combined approach to securing electronic communications mechanisms, using email and web security controls in combination. There are many products on the market, including newer cloud-based services that will appeal to organisations of all sizes, from a microfirm to a large multinational with geographically dispersed operations. 

A new report from Bloor Research looks at the vendor landscape for web and email security controls, which has seen much consolidation recently. This stacks specialist providers up against security and network behemoths, each with their own flavours and capabilities. The report is available for download here: A competitive overview of players in the market.