Email archiving in the cloud webinar

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Emails are essential business records and today form the bulk of much of the communications an organisation has internally and with business partners and customers. They, along with their attachments, can contain a goldmine of information and it is vital that those records are kept securely and in a form that they can easily be retrieved for all manner of purposes. Any organisation can be involved in an internal or external dispute for which email records can be demanded as evidence and many regulations demand that business records be kept securely for varying time periods.

Email archiving systems were originally designed with the needs of large organisations in mind and were often designed to meet the needs of specific industries, and financial services in particular. Today, that has changed. New cloud-based delivery models have changed the economics of technology and are suited to the needs of any organisation, from microfirms to large multinationals. Such services are discussed in this paper from Bloor Research (The need for email archiving) and will be the subject of an upcoming webinar in conjunction with Webroot, a provider of email and web security technology products and services, on 28th September 2010 at 10am UK time. Click here to register:Email archiving in the cloud.