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This is the IM Blog. Multiple Bloor analysts will be contributing to this blog over time: not just me but also various colleagues such as Gerry Brown, Peter Williams or any of our security team, where their concerns overlap with information management (which is a lot). So, what’s it about?

In the first instance, Bloor Research has a new formalised one-page format that covers new product releases, which we will be publishing on the Bloor Research web site. We will be making these available to IT-Director and IT-Analysis, which may choose to publish them under a separate tab but we won’t be writing these in article format anymore (though there may be one or two still in the pipeline). There are several updates in the new format that will be appearing shortly on various data warehousing products, including Vertica, Greenplum, ParAccel, EXASOL and Kickfire. The aim is to update these product overviews whenever there is a new release. I’ll probably give them a quick mention (or more if they’re really cool) here and I’ll notify any of my Twitter followers (@InfoPhil) when that happens or, indeed, when I publish anything else. Alternatively, if you’re following Bloor Research (@Bloor