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Streaming Analytics Platforms - What's Innovative?

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Close to the edge

The Internet of Things is going to require distributed stream-based processing
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An unequivocal acquisition

Datawatch has acquired Panopticon - how intelligent of them.
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Goodbye CEP, hello streaming and Cassandra

All the major independents in the CEP space have now succumbed
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Continuous Business Intelligence and Big Data - Using CEP for real-time continuous queries

There are a lot of start-ups trying to link CEP to Big Data but it is likely that the major vendors will push them out of the way.
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CEP and big data

Complex event processing is a part of the big data story but surprisingly few vendors recognise this
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The problem with SIEM 3

The third article in a series about the architectural weaknesses of most SIEM products
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System S

I have previously discussed why I think that System S is unique. Now I want to put some meat on the bones. System S has been the name of an IBM research project for some years and last...
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Untangling events part 3

There has been some delay in this, the third and final article on untangling events. And just as well. I initially asked the question as to whether the log and event management vendors were more...
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Applying data warehousing principles to event processing

It is now pretty much agreed that in data warehousing environments you need a massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture in order to handle very large data volumes. The important factor is...
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Database security via event stream processing

Symantec will shortly be announcing an appliance for database security and auditing that will use event stream processing under the covers.
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Event stream processing and Operational BI

The traditional definition of Operational BI needs to be updated to include BI vendors that use event stream processing.
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