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Outcome Automation - What's Innovative?

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OpenText does DevOps

The second of three blogs prompted by the OpenText World 2023 conference in Las Vegas.
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BigPanda’s use of Generative AI points the way to autonomous IT operations

Generative AI produced outstanding results in quickly identifying actual root cause of problems when it was fed enriched, contextualised and correlated data.
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Generative AI – is it really intelligent?

AI is better thought of as “augmented intelligence” rather than as “artificial intelligence”.
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The new OpenText - A partial view from Micro Focus Development’s POV

David Norfolk attends the OpenText Dev Day Roadshow, a chance to meet Micro Focus developer support.
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Intelligent Continuous Delivery - Is it really the last part of the DevOps story to be transformed?

OpsMX says that software development and IT Ops have been transformed but software delivery hasn’t yet, particularly if you want ultimate delivery velocity.
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Where to, DevOps? - The DevOps revolution is over. So, what won?

People can confuse “working software” with delivery of actual business value. DevOps efficiency and, especially, effectiveness matters.
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Puppet by Perforce - Lets IT operators take a real vacation

Puppet was acquired by Perforce in 2022. Together, Puppet and Perforce provide the basis for a strong DevOps automation platform.
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Open Source Software Integrity - Should support from The People’s Republic of China worry us?

Is possible Chinese sponsorship a threat to Open Source Software? Bloor's David Norfolk believes that the OSS model is robust enough to survive.
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