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Mainframe 3.0 - Further Information

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00002723 - The value of the mainframe, Enterprise Server 3.0 White Paper cover thumbnail

The value of the mainframe - The modernised mainframe still has a bright future as Enterprise Server 3.0

Modernised mainframes, outside any silo, become Enterprise Server 3.0 (ES-3). We look at the modernisation journey.
ENTERPRISE SERVER 3.0 (cover thumbnail)

Enterprise Server 3.0

Interest in cost-effectively modernising and exploiting Enterprise Server 3.0, with AI assistance, is increasing.
Ingres NeXt cover thumbnail

Ingres NeXt Database and Application Modernisation

This report discusses Ingres NeXt, Actian’s flexible and comprehensive approach to digital transformation through database and application modernisation.
THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS ENTERPRISE SERVER 3.0 Market Review (cover thumbnail)

The Future of Business… using Enterprise Server 3.0 Services

Enterprise Server 3.0 (or Mainframe) modernisation is relevant, cost-effective and avoids waste. David Norfolk investigates.
SOFTWARE AG CONNX InDetail (cover thumbnail)

Software AG CONNX

Software AG CONNX provides mainframe and legacy-oriented data integration, connectivity, data virtualisation and replication capabilities.

Compuware zAdviser

This report discusses Compuware zAdviser, a service from Compuware that is freely available to Compuware customers on current maintenance.
Cover for the MaaS Hot Report

MaaS – 
Mainframe as a Service

With Mainframe as a Service – MaaS – mainframe (or “Enterprise Server”) MIPS are accessed via a location-agnostic Cloud Service interface.
Cover for Rocket LegaSuite

Rocket LegaSuite

Rocket LegaSuite is a set of tools to facilitate modernisation of mainframe and midrange applications.
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Stop press: mainframe finally dead…

With the introduction of the integral blade servers in zEnterprise, the mainframe really is just another server
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Mainframe Knowledge Transfer

Mainframe systems are important and the latest mainframes are innovative and powerful tools. This places a premium on knowledge transfer and training.
Cover for QuickRecover Mainframe Virtual Tape Library solution

QuickRecover Mainframe Virtual Tape Library solution - from Shoden Data Systems

QuickRecover is the only VTL/de-dupe solution currently available for IBM mainframes.
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Service Oriented Legacy Architecture – MF meets SOA

The mainframe of many companies holds critical services developed by talented and experienced COBOL programmers. SOLA provides an easy way to make these services an integral part of an SOA solution.
Cover for Linux – Enterprise Ready?

Linux – Enterprise Ready?

You may remember that just three years ago, Bloor Research published a report concluding that Linux was not yet ready to support large enterprise applications. Bloor Research North America recently completed a follow-up study looking at the Linux of today…
Cover for Princeton Softech testing tools

Princeton Softech testing tools

Princeton Softech was founded in 1989. It specialises in delivering data and program synchronisation solutions to IS professionals who develop and maintain critical business applications. Its software is historically IBM mainframe based although, more recently, its products are currently being…
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