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Infrastructure - What's Changed?

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IBM spins out services - The next revolution after Gerstner’s?

Revolution in IBM, as it spins out managed infrastructure services into a freestanding company, to concentrate on Hybrid Cloud.
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Equinix enables mutable global digital supply chains

Equinix new as-a-service offering allows enterprises to customise connectivity to partners, customers and suppliers
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OVH – Flying the flag for a European Cloud

Coming away from the OVHSummit in Paris on 17th October it is clear to me that OVH are much more than a web hosting company
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Opportunities for data centre operators in 2017

Based on quarterly reports from CBRE up to the end of Q3, 2016 has been a bumper year for data centre operators.
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Primetime for Cloud and DevOps

The quarterly reporting season is upon us again. IBM and Microsoft have already announced impressive cloud growth figures in the last week...
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Profits delayed: straddling the powerhouse to utility business model spectrum

Are data centres becoming the power stations of the 21st Century... just a utility into which we plug our various computing devices? Over...
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Has the Open Compute Project Come of Age?

As I read the announcements and reviews coming out of the Open Compute Project Summit in San Jose earlier this month I got a strong sense...
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Ask not what will IoT do for my data centre…

In amongst all the news about hyper-scale data centres and concentrations of data centres in key inter-connect metro areas, there has been...
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Why Enterprise CIOs need to justify running their own data centres

If your CIO comes to you on Monday and says...
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