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Graph Databases - Where's the Value?

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Covid-19 and IT

Philip Howard is impressed with what a lot of IT vendors are doing to support the fight against Covid-19, including SAS and the CovidGraph project.
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A quiet revolution

Analytics and graphs are appearing in more and more software tools
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Graphs and GPUs

SYSTAP is implementing its graph database using Nvidia GPUs. This has some serious price/performance benefits for large scale analytics.
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The resurgence of Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes' software business has been re-focused and is growing rapidly
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Diaku: more than governance

Diaku offers a superset of data governance that is worth a serious look, especially in heavily regulated environments
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uRiKA is an appliance for graph analytics which contains a graph database, but what exactly is a graph database or, for that matter, a graph, and why should you care?
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The fourth in a series of five articles about graph databases
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This is the third in a series of five articles about graph databases
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