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DevOps - What's Changed?

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Big Software and the 4th Industrial Revolution - Enabling the Mutable Enterprise

CIOs need to be able to articulate for their Boards how Big Software is a critical element in defining and delivering new, disruptive business models.
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SentryOne gets pragmatic

SentryOne has acquired Pragmatic Works Software. This is unusually synergistic and non-overlapping.
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Just what is risk based testing, anyway?

Ask almost any vendor what they mean by risk based testing and they'll give you a different answer.
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CA Technologies acquires Grid-Tools

CA has acquired Grid-Tools. As always, the questions are what CA will do with its new products and will this be good for users?
Cover for Agile Designer Javelin

Agile Designer Javelin

Javelin is the latest extension to Grid-Tools' Agile Designer, adding an automated testing framework.
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Innovate 2014 Fytte 1

Initial thoughts from Innovate 2014
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News from CA World 2013 – Fytte the First

CA Technologies has a new CEO and a new vision
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