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Data Integration - What's Innovative?

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The API problem

EnterpriseWeb is suggesting that the way to tackle the API problem is by abstracting the technical handshaking
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What on Earth?

Uneartha is a suite of products that provides requirements-driven data integration and data preparation capabilities.
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Bringing governance to big data

IBM and Informatica have both just come out with big data integration and governance products
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Adeptia announce Adeptia Connect

Adeptia have announced the release Adeptia Connect; a cloud application run on Amazon Web Services, designed for business users to create data connections.
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By our first strange and fatal interview

I recently shared a webcast with the CIO of Informatica
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The gazelle leaps into action

Springbok is a data preparation platform for business users.
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Dell Boomi and the Knowledge Base

Dell Boomi has released the latest iteration of its data integration product.
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EnterpriseWeb: seriously cool integration

EnterpriseWeb aims to automate connectivity
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Making data integration easier

IBM has launched Data Click to provide self-service data integration
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Simplifying ETL - Ways to make ETL simpler

There a variety of techniques that data integration vendors could use to make ETL simpler, but generally speaking they aren't doing so
Cover for Agile data management with X88

Agile data management with X88

This paper is a call for some more forward thinking from data management practitioners and vendors and a move towards a more agile stance.
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How come Syncsort is so fast and what does that mean?

Syncsort holds the ETL record for loading a warehouse. How is it that it is faster than all the big guys and what other implications does that have?
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EntropySoft introduces appliance

EntropySoft, the content integration specialist, has introduced an appliance.
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A new approach to data integration

expressor software has introduced a new semantically-aware data integration tool that should improve collaboration and reduce development effort.
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