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This page was archived on 16th April, 2019 and is no longer actively maintained.

Complex Event Processing - What's Changed?

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Transforming TIBCO

TIBCO has announced the acquisition of Alpine Data. Last month it acquired Composite Software from Cisco and in the summer, it acquired Statistica. What's going on?
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Hello Earth: we have lift off!

Rocket Software is just about to launch a data preparation/analytic platform.
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TIBCO goes private

TIBCO is being privatised, so what next?
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Acunu update

Acunu has announced a new version of Acunu Analytics
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Themes for 2012

Some thoughts about may happen next year in the information management space
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CEP is getting closer to BPM. But it's also aligned with data warehousing. What's going on?
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Informatica announces …

Informatica has made two major announcements. The first is that it has acquired Agent Logic and the second is that HP will be embedding and selling its technology. Agent Logic is a CEP...
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Deep in the event processing jungle

Lots of strange undiscovered animals lurk in the depths of the jungle. Most are prey. A few are predators. And two of the latter have recently been roaring within the jungle that is the event...
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Sybase releases time series for RAP

Sybase has just announced a time series extension to its Real-time Analytics Platform (RAP). Briefly, this allows you to look for time-based correlations within historic data. However, it is not...
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iWay introduces EIM

iWay, the Information Builders subsidiary, has introduced an EIM (enterprise information management) offering. Since the term EIM may not necessarily be clear I had better explain that this is a...
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