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Agile Storage - Where's the Value?

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The rise of storage flash: do your homework to overcome the confusion

Flash storage is gaining momentum, but buyers face a confusing choice of approaches and applications from different vendors
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CA giveaway solution scoops up 1,000 IT management users

CA has woken up to the perception among smaller organisations that the largest IT management vendor solutions are too complex and cumbersome...
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Is Fibre Channel fighting back?

With 16Gb FC getting established for storage networks, and FCoE and FCoIP, expect FC in its various forms to compete with iSCSI for a long time to come.
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Imation’s Nexsan boosts storage value credentials with eMLC flash and 4TB SATA

NST5000 Series hybrid offers 5PB capacity and halved solid state cache costs - and hints at a future climb up the enterprise food-chain
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Nimble announces scale-to-fit on the fly storage expansion

This is about flexibility - part scale-out for extra storage capacity with no performance loss but part to fit a mid-market organisation's application mix
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Nutanix virtual server-storage appliance removes network hops to data

No-SAN virtual server-storage appliance scales out to thousands of VMs
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Tegile Systems’ special SSD-SAS mix optimises storage performance-capacity-price

18-month old VC start-up uses its unique architecture to achieve the best of all storage and data protection worlds
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Storage optimisation

Storage optimisation is what storage resource management should be providing.
Cover for Storage Thin Provisioning Explained

Storage Thin Provisioning Explained - Managing the Storage Explosion series

Explaining how thin provisioning can greatly reduce the work involved in storage capacity planning and reduce costs.
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