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This page was archived on 17th February, 2022 and is no longer actively maintained.

Advanced threat protection - Further Information

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Cover for User and entity behavioural analytics

User and Entity Behavioural Analytics

UEBA technologies focus on identifying patterns of activity that are outside of the normal patterns expected in order to identify activity that could be suspicious or clearly malicious.
Cover for Security is a human problem

Security is a human problem

Phishing has emerged as a key factor in most security breaches. Where email used to be the primary means of delivering such attacks, technology advances and raised awareness are making such attacks less effective.
Cover for Turning the tables on cyber criminals

Turning the tables on cyber criminals - using the cyber kill chain framework to protect your organisation

This document describes what options are available for disrupting attackers at each stage of the kill chain.
Cover for Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced targeted threats are today's reality for organisations and traditional technology controls are not up to the task of defending networks.
Cover for Managing indicators of compromise

Managing indicators of compromise - taking a more proactive stance on security breach remediation

This document introduces the concept of IOCs and explains how organisations can use them for their benefit.
Cover for The need to secure all business communications

The need to secure all business communications - a competitive overview of major players in the market

The market for email and web security has seen much consolidation recently and this has changed the landscape considerably.
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