Bloor is able to offer you the breadth of services, reach and geographical coverage normally only available from a major international organisation. The way we achieve this is partly through proactively seeking superior strategic partners who offer complementary services and/or who can better service other international regions—then forming joint ventures and alliances. If you are interested in working alongside us like this, please get in touch.

A selection of our alliances is described below:

Agile Elephant

Agile Elephant helps companies embrace the new digital culture of collaboration, communication and greater use of technology. Agile Elephant focuses on practical business needs that add real value to the bottom line, combining decades of experience in business, technology and emerging trends, and helping businesses understand what works, what doesn’t and where to head next on the digital transformation journey.

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Disruptive, part of the Compare the Cloud network, is the UK’s first tech TV channel. They cover some of the biggest technology events in the world as part of their live shows, produce original content, explore cutting edge tech and interview the disruptive voices in the industry.

Disruptive and Bloor have formed a media partnership and are teaming up to create the new Bloor TV channel, expanding our content and report creation to video and live streaming both online and on social our media channels.

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Bloor Research and Cognisco (experts in the assessment and evidence of competence, confidence and compliance) have joined forces to provide a human risk-based GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) readiness assessment tool.

The two organisations have collaborated to develop a scenario-based Situational Judgement, Multiple Response Evaluation assessment which looks specifically at whether employees understand and are confident in applying the new legislation. This is supplied as a Software as a Service (SaaS) based assessment using Cognisco’s unique competence/confidence correlation model and leading reporting and analytics platform, my*KNOW, which gives users access to a series of Bloor-developed scenarios and possible responses which might arise around GDPR.

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Cloud Industry Forum

The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), is an industry body that champions and advocates the adoption and use of Cloud-based services by businesses and individuals. CIF aims to educate, inform and represent Cloud Service Users, Cloud Service Providers, Cloud Infrastructure Providers, Cloud Resellers, Cloud System Integrators and international Cloud Standards organisations.

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Winmark Technology Leaders Network

The Winmark Technology Leaders Network is aimed at IT Leaders of FTSE 350 companies who are enablers of business strategy. The Network is run by members for members and boasts a high calibre advisory panel that reflects the demand of CIO’s. The Network provides a platform for high-level knowledge sharing, where CIO’s share their experiences and provide insight on commercial challenges; thus, having a wider impact. Membership benefits you, your team, and your organisation given the unique position and knowledge it delivers on a variety of topics.

The CIO Network  facilitates learning, support and knowledge-sharing through:

  • Roundtable discussions – held bi monthly in central London on key challenges faced by CIOs. The meetings offer members the opportunity to share best practice with peers under the Chatham House Rule.
  • ‘Peer Consults’ – members can anonymously put issues they have to the membership. The responses are collated, anonymised and circulated. The facility ensures members’ own approaches can be benchmarked or ‘sanity checked’. Numerous members have saved on consultancy or advisory fees through the facility.
  • Development courses – provided as part of CIO membership and are an excellent way for members to accelerate their own development or that of team members. The programme is made up of high-quality, one-day workshops and courses, including our highly successful One-Day MBA.
  • Business Intelligence – Winmark’s in-house Business Intelligence Team can undertake benchmarking or bespoke research and diagnostics for individual members. As part of the Winmark suite of networks, membership provides you with unparalleled access to shared learnings of corporate CEOs, FDs, NEDs, HRDs etc.

About Winmark
Established in 1997 and now Europe’s leading professional network business with over 3,500 members from 700 organisations, including half the FTSE 100. Winmark’s purpose is to Develop, enable and equip CxOs and Boards for today and the future. Winmark represents World Class best practice for network creation and management, and is proud to work with the best network team and have the best operational practices and systems.  In addition to these networks we also offer World Class bespoke and network specific research and training programmes.

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SureFire Sales

The SureFire Sales Success™ process enables those selling IT products or services to rapidly and consistently identify sweet-spot sales opportunities, to build a robust and differentiated proposition and to keep their sales and marketing resources constantly focused on addressable and winnable new business. We provide constant market and competitor assessment and intelligence to ensure your sales and marketing teams are always up to date and able to focus their efforts ruthlessly.

Once SureFire is in place, our team of industry and sector experts are available to provide additional and on-going coaching and development (for example, in depth and specialist market knowledge or CIO /CFO “exposure” and proposition testing), deal and bid support, collateral development and advice on sales and marketing approaches and initiatives.

In some instances we are also able to provide a direct introductions service to broker a meeting with the decision makers of your choice.

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Hurwitz & Associates

Through Bloor Research’s partnership with Hurwitz & Associates, IT suppliers and purchasers gain from a greatly enhanced physical presence that spans the US and European markets and a larger pool of analysts.

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