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Web Content Management

Cover for Web Content Management

By: Ian Hugo
Classification: Research Report

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Content management is an idea whose time has come. Originally, it was derived from a need targeted at media companies seeking to move their content to the Web. At least one major CM vendor got started that way. Now content management is being adopted by traditional bricks-and-mortar companies as they integrate the Internet into their business strategy. Consequently, many organisations are now turning to content management systems which are designed to manage the content needs of the modern Web site and enable teams of specialised contributors to work together to deliver increasingly complex business applications. A recent report estimated that content management system software revenues will increase almost 300% in three years.

This report will cover the essentials of content management which include:

  • Content creation and contribution
  • Managing content asset
  • Team authoring and library management
  • Approval workflow
  • Search, retrieval and categorisation
  • Content life cycle
  • Content storage
  • Web deployment and presentation

In addition you will have a concise and objective of the main vendors who are dominating this area which include Vignette, Interwove, Broadvision and Documentum. Essential to this discussion will be an explication of the need for standardisation especially software tools built on standard architecture and the use of Internet standards for creating data and metadata. There will be discussion of the multi-format content management systems and how dynamic information and streaming media will be making an impact.

This report will discuss how the market is changing for content management systems. Specifically, how the focus was originally targeted at large companies with large and critical content needs and that market has changed to include the smaller companies and local government/authorities.

Content management systems also promise multi-channel delivery. This represents a single process and a common repository that can deliver content to a variety of distribution channels which include mobile and wireless devices.

When designed properly, web sites can become content rich applications, accessible to the world. Content management solutions can streamline the process of moving content from creator to user while defining who it is for, why they want it and how they will use it.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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