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Uniface 9.6 update

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The big change to Uniface 9.6 recently is that it no longer belongs to Compuware. It has been sold to Marlin Equity Partners (which also bought Compuware’s Changepoint and Professional Services business units, all of which will be run as separate businesses). Marlin seems to have a good track record in buying underperforming companies and positioning them for growth. Uniface grew (slowly) even through the recession; Marlin gives it the resources to make growth take off as its market comes out of recession. It is worth noting that Uniface operated as a separate business unit during its last years with Compuware and has kept all of its employees after the sale.

Uniface provides a model-driven, componentbased, development environment with support for mobile computing, service-oriented and web application developments. It also offers significant capabilities for leveraging legacy resources and bringing these to either traditional or more modern web environments, as required. This release streamlines the product (Uniface Flow is now deprecated, for example) and improves its support for Windows.

In terms of new functionality in the Version 9.6 release, the emphasis is on developing apps with a much richer application UI and on supporting Windows 8 (although it will work just fine on Windows 7).

Free Download (subject to terms)

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