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The Inside Threat - as important as profits?

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It only takes a single mouse click from a disgruntled or
incompetent member of your staff to destroy your business. Or maybe
a diligent employee takes work home to put some extra effort in and
finds their laptop stolen.

Key intellectual property, customer lists, financial data,
credit card details. The list of sensitive data held by
organisations goes on and on. Whilst you may have secured the
external access to your IT systems using passwords and firewalls,
those inside the organisation will often have full and unfettered
access to your most sensitive data, irrespective of their job role
or entitlement.

USB drives and handheld devices now pose a huge threat to the
integrity of organisational data.

This paper will give you a detailed discussion of this inside
threat and presents a case for businesses to consider the
mitigation of such threats as importantly as they consider the
generation of profits.

Managing the inside threat is a core activity of the Bloor
Assured Business Model which articulates the IT security domain as
it affects businesses. It is only by investing in reducing the
inside threat today that you can protect the profits from tomorrow.
Action needs to be taken now.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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