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The Grid Report

Cover for The Grid Report

By: Joe Clabby
Classification: Research Report

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Grid computing has received a lot of attention lately – some positive and some not so positive. Bloor Research North America has just completed a study that examines the grid market and looks closely at where grids are being used today.

As part of the study, Bloor Research interviewed twelve grid suppliers that offer a wide range of grid solutions. In doing so, they discovered that there are many more commercial enterprises using grid technologies today than anticipated. The results of this research form the report.

Joe Clabby, co-author commented, “Based upon lack of knowledge about the convergence of grids, Web services, and self-management software, many commercial enterprises are overlooking the benefits that can be derived from grid computing. We have already seen grids successfully deployed in real world commercial situations today – in life sciences, engineering, manufacturing, and financial services environments. Grids are not futuristic ? they are here now. And we know (and have substantiated) that they will work in commercial computing environments today.”

Free Download (subject to terms)

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