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Technical Guidance on Process Technology

Cover for Technical Guidance on Process Technology

By: Bloor Research
Classification: White Paper

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At Bloor Research, we see process
architecture as the sum of many parts
including the new, the old, the revised and the
newly utilised. We further see that process
applies (at one level or another) to virtually
every business of any size in every market.
Process has become a critical factor in
successful operation of business—making
selection and application of process-centric
technology eminently important.

Process technology (or products) rests within
the broader concept of process architecture
(the application of multiple process products
under an overall process-centric design).
Process architecture is very important
because it aligns technology products
(applications) and technology practices with
business goals and business practices.
External market forces are continuing to
accelerate the need for process technologies.
Everything is changing—faster and faster…
and faster. New, voracious competitors are
appearing in many markets almost overnight.
Competitors are global. Partners are fickle.
Executing on existing business models is
leading many corporations into bankruptcy—
even some of the big boys (look at the US
airline industry). Innovation, creativity, agility,
flexibility, optimisation and delivery on
strategic objectives are the requirements of
survival. These are evolutionary market
forces, and as such, must be dealt with now
and into the future. Process technologies are
an important part of the now while process
architecture goes a long way in addressing the
needs of the future.

The current market overview for process
technologies is strong, with vendors
experiencing double-digit growth in many
sectors. Process technology buying trends are
being driven on a micro level by the
proliferation of strong ROI from targeted
projects and on a macro level by the up swell
in adoption of business process practices by
senior, executive and professional business
staff. The buyer market is a strong mix of
people from both business and technology
roles within end-user organisations.

The business and technology market drivers
in process are a unique situation. Because
both business people and technologists are
focused on what is effectively the same goal,
the traditional gap between these groups is
much narrower. The opportunity now exists
for business and technology to share the same
goals and to work together in harmony to
achieve success against these goals—and
process architecture is a key enabler in this

To achieve this requires a common
understanding of process architecture for both
the business user and the technology user.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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