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Team Collaboration Applications

Cover for Team Collaboration Applications

By: Martin Langham
Classification: Research Report

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Collaboration has become a key priority for companies facing the urgent need to get their information workers to work together better. Information worker teams frequently work in different locations with separate partners and in different time zones and need better support than email and file shares.

Collaboration applications are well suited to today’s economic climate. They quickly deliver a hard benefit in reduced travel time and costs. Longer term, they transform the efficiency of core business processes and build the company collaboration culture that is critical for future survival.

Collaboration products are evolving fast and companies need to assess which vendor best matches their needs and which is likely to be most successful. This report assesses how each of the key players are addressing the key customer requirements and provides advice on the best way to handle issues such as security, integration with Live collaboration, user interfaces and deciding between hosted and in-house solutions.

Vendors reviewed in depth: Hyperwave, Intraspect – Vignette, Documentum eRoom, Open Text Livelink, IBM Lotus Team WorkPlace and Oracle Collaboration Suite.

Additional vendors in this report: Interwoven – iManage, Plumtree, Hummingbird, Groove Networks, Sitescape and Brainloop Secure Dataroom, Tacit, IBM Lotus Discovery Server, AskMe and Morphix.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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