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Sun Java Integration Suite

Cover for Sun Java Integration Suite

By: Peter Abrahams
Classification: Product Evaluation

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The Sun Java™ Integration Suite, formerly known as the SeeBeyond Integrated
Composite Application Network™ (ICAN) Suite, is the latest addition to the
Sun Java™ Enterprise System. The Java Integration Suite is a set of modules
that can be combined in multiple ways to support enterprise application integration,
business process management, a service oriented architecture and the
development of composite applications. A number of specialised solutions (such
as bulk data movement and a single view of customer data) are also supported.
In all cases the Java Integration Suite provides both the development environment
for these solutions as well as the necessary deployment and management

Sun’s purchase of SeeBeyond has strengthened its already successful Java
Enterprise System, creating a state-of-the-art service oriented architecture
infrastructure for the development, deployment and execution of next generation

Free Download (subject to terms)

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