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RFID Market Place from tags to applications 2007/8

Cover for RFID Market Place from tags to applications 2007/8

Classification: Research Report

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Much has been written about RFID over the last 5 years or so, but nowhere has there been a single report that covers the complete RFID component market from tags, both active and passive, through readers and printers, to middleware to application solutions. In the face of this need for clear, comprehensive information about RFID and its benefits, Bloor Research has produced this market report in order to provide an overview of the complete RFID market from tags to applications. If read in conjunction with the Bloor Research white papers, which provide examples of the current state of RFID and how it could be used in an industry sector, it provides the user with a complete single source of information about RFID. It is the intention of Bloor Research to publish further details about the RFID categories introduced in this report, accompanied by Bullseye evaluations of the products in the categories.

The report covers the following the areas:

  • The introduction provides a background to RFID, its current uses and history.
  • Architecting RFID Solutions opens up the issues involved from a software perspective in the implementations of RFID solutions
  • Key Components of RFID provides a categorisation of the different RFID products available in the market today. These categories are:
    • Active Tags
    • Passive Tags
    • Readers and Antennae
    • Printers
    • Middleware
    • Applications:
      • ePedigree
      • Real Time Location Systems
  • What are the standards for RFID provides an overview of the Standards scenario in RFID.
  • RFID Market 2007-2008 gives an overview of the RFID market from a Bloor research view point.
  • Appendix A contains links to further information about RFID written by the author.
  • Appendix B has details of the vendors in the RFID market place, organised by product type.
  • Appendix C contains details on the Global Prescence, Marketing and Maturity of these vendors, again arranged by product type.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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